OB-PS Events

2014 Hong Kong   

  • In 2014 OB-PS supporters and guest will joing event in Hong Kong. This event is special with time and place as it will coninside with the 35th World Conference. OB-PS event will take place from 6th - 9th July, 2014. More information about Hong Kong to follow soon. To register and to find out more please click here.



  • In 2014 OB-PS supporters are also invited to join a BP-Fellow Event (Baden-Powell World Fellowship) held in Denmak 22-25 May. All OB-PS donors are welcome. HRH Princess Benedikte will attend the whole event as well as OB-PS President Vibeke Riemer and Board Members. There will be a spectacular presentation Ceremony and Gala Dinner at the Royal Castle, Christiansborg in Copenhagen. Other highlights will be a Welcome Reception at the Copenhagen Townhall, dinner in Tivoli, most interesting tourist tours, and a short OB-PS meeting. More information about this event to follow soon. Click here for more information.


  • In 2015 OB-PS supporters and their guets are invited to Tampere, Finland from 6-9 August.


Special Events

Special Presentation Ceremonies may be organized in countries where a substantial number of members still remain to be presented and are unlikely to travel to an OB-PS Event.